2013 Year End Report


​2013 was 31:20’s first year as an official non-profit. Here is what we were able to accomplish last year...


We kicked off the summer by encouraging others to get together with their neighbors by doing activities with the kids and hosting outdoor movie nights.


We helped springboard Denver Art Collective, a new local initiative made up of artists who are using their talents to fight human trafficking. The Denver Art Collective was able to raise $600 for victims of trafficking.


We partnered with Colorado Burma Roundtable Network by collecting and distributing winter clothing to Burmese refugees living in Denver.


We participated in a foster care gift drive and helped provide Christmas gifts to 180 children who are in foster care.


We partnered with Impact Orphans and provided 50 meals to adoptive and foster parents.


We supported local kids and raised over $500 by selling lemonade in our different neighborhoods. Their hard earned money was donated to Blood Water Mission, who provides clean water to people in Africa.


We donated our unwanted clothes and then auctioned them off to each other. In doing so we raised $600 that was sent to a maternity center in Madagascar.


We worked along side LEAD Global and shipped 48 large barrels of donations, 40 mattresses, 4 desks, 3 tables, 40 chairs, 20 couches and more to Sierra Leone. LEAD Global distributed the items to local congregations near Freetown.


We organized the Justice Run and raised nearly $20,000 to fight human trafficking.


We held our annual Christmas Marketplace and sold over $22,000 of fair trade and handmade products. All the money raised benefits women, children and their communities around the world.


Thank you for your help and support! Together we can make a difference!