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November 13, 2016

My life is moving at such a crazy pace right now that, if I stop and think about it, my head spins.

Our kids are only allowed one sport per year (unless they can go at exactly the same time as another kid) and one instrument, but that is still a lot - especially wh...

October 19, 2016

Lately, I've been spending too much time on pinterest. I am helping with a project (go figure), to raise money (go figure), for missions (go figure).  But it has been a H-A-R-D week/season in my life.

Here’s the deal: I am a simple person, I am not a theologian. And whe...

September 20, 2016

"You will have to haul away that junk," I said to the man who was going to help clean up the outside of my grandparents' house.  It was junk that had sat outside for as long as I can remember,  under a lean-to that was added on as an afterthought to the main building....

May 5, 2016


In the evening on Friday May 20th, 31:20 will host our first official adoption support group.  By far, this is not our first support group gathering….every time we get together... at the park for summer book club, at an event or even for our monthly planning meeting w...

April 5, 2016

In most things we do there is a battle.  It may be on the inside (our waring thoughts) or it may be on the outside (the verbal fights we get into with others). Somewhere in there is God's purpose for what is happening.  In my day to day life it can be a struggle to fin...

March 12, 2016

I saw this picture on facebook the other day and it stopped me dead in my tracks. 



My line of thought went something like this: “Oh, look!  Umbrellas filled with all sorts of Easter goodies? Cute idea! Oh, wow…..there’s a ton of stuff in those umbrellas…..coloring boo...

March 8, 2016

Pretty things and orphan care. Those are two of the things that best describe my passions.


However, most of my days are actually filled with less fun activities like shopping, transporting, prepping, cooking and serving 3 meals/day, times ten people, times 7 days a wee...

November 27, 2015

Are you in the mood for Christmas shopping?  Instead of heading to the mall with the crowds

this weekend, you could enjoy shopping at 31:20’s Christmas Marketplace next weekend.  Every purchase helps provide an opportunity for financial self-sufficiency for impoverished...

October 9, 2015

Recently I met with my dear friend Monika, I wanted to find out more information about the 31:20 event she is hosting next week. She is doing a clothing auction to raise money for Extended Hands of Hope, she has hosted this event a few times. Considering her busy life...

September 29, 2015

If you live in Denver, you know Broadway is a pretty major street all the way through the city. When I open my windows, it is really loud. I hear large dump trucks passing, cars rushing by, and people talking as they run or walk past my house. 


Here’s somethi...

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