5th Annual Clothing Auction

Thank you! We raised over $1000!


Join us for our 5th Annual Clothing Auction!

We will have apps, wine, and tons of new-to-you clothes to choose from! Shop for what you like, then we will start the auction.

Every item starts at only $1. If no one else wants the same item as you, pay your dollar and take it home. BUT if some other ladies want to take home the same item, the bidding will go up- $2, $3, $10 and so on, until all the items are purchased.

ALL of the money paid for the clothes will go to Extended Hands of Hope's Avanti House for rescued victims of trafficking.


Have items to donate?

Contact Monika for drop-off location and times at monikanielsen@gmail.com 



PO Box 3523

Littleton, CO 80161