Easter Barrels to Africa

Purposeful fasting for Lent

February 13-April 3rd.
Denver, CO.

Thank You to Everyone who Participated!!!!
The Container has arrived in Freetown!!!!

With your help, we were able to send 48 barrels, 40 mattresses, 4 desks, 3 tables, 40 chairs, 2 couches, 20 garbage bags full of additional items, 8 large plastic garbage cans, 3 large boxes of stuff, 4 side tables, and 6 smaller boxes of items to Sierra Leone, Africa through L.E.A.D. Global. THE 

​"Many, many thanks to the ladies of 31:20 for allowing God to let their hearts go where their feet cannot. Through your generous donation of these items to men and women who are serving the Lord in Sierra Leone, you have contributed in a huge way to the growth and development of the church. Your gifts convey a very tangible and practical message to these dear saints of God that you care for them deeply and you want to be a blessing to them and their families. God is indeed your reward!!"

-Don Osman, L.E.A.D. Global Founder 


For all cash donations, 31:20 will send a year-end charitable giving receipt.  If you need your receipt earlier than the end of the year, please email susan@thirtyonetwenty.org


For all donations of items, please print the L.E.A.D. Global tax form below:




From Denver, Colorado


To Freetown, Sierra Leone