A natural connector, Megan believes "everyone should be friends". And everyone wants to be her friend, too. She is a natural leader with a passion for Jesus and for helping others anyway she can. She is married with 4 children.





Have you ever met someone who can and has done everything? No? Well, meet Jen.  She is a true jack-of-all trades.  With years of non-profit, ministry, and mothering experience, Jen can do it all. She is widowed with 6 children, both adopted and biological.





Not only is she a genius with numbers, but she's organized, insightful, and patient (you have to be with this crew.)  She has a desire to help people and serve her local community. Susan, her husband, and their two children are mid-west transplants. 





Mother of 11, L.L. never hesitates to let everyone know what she is thinking.  She is always coming up with new ideas, new blogs posts, and new ways to do things (especially after 10pm when the kids are, hopefully, in bed). She is extremely passionate about orphans and adoption.





Jenny is an amazing wife-to-one, mother-to-eight and friend-to-many.  Her compassion is matched only by her valuable contributions, connections and ideas! She is an amazing athlete and very passionate about fighting trafficking, which led her to start the Justice Run 12 years ago.  She is passionate about ending human-trafficking, adoption, and making a difference in her community.





Alicia could run the White House- the girl is or-ga-nized.  But I guess you have to be when you're the mother of 4 active, involved kiddos (2 bio, 2 adopted) and the wife to an adventurous husband.  But she is also full of heart, always refocusing us on what really matters.  She has a quiet, passionate spirit and desires to make a difference in the world anyway she is able. 





Kym loves people and is a true motivator at heart. She is always the last one to leave a party or social activity, much to her introverted husband's dismay. She wants everyone to feel connected and prepared for whatever God has for them. She has 4 children and loves to include them in all of her ideas/activities/projects.





Lisa has a huge heart and a desire to change the world! She, her husband, and their 7 children (both adopted and biological) are always working on a project, organizing a missions trip, starting a business, or figuring out some way to help others who are in need.