What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is simply when fair prices are paid to developers in developing countries.

Why is Fair Trade important?

Trade is a key component in changing the lives of people in developing nations. Instead of putting profit above people, fair trade puts the well-being and fair treatment of people above making a profit.

List of Fair Trade Companies



The Shattenberg Family, founders of Red Island Restoration, currently live in Madagascar. Red Island Restoration is a response to God’s leading in their lives to see Madagascar restored in Health, Forests and Hope in Christ. Buy PuraVida Coffee and use code: JANDA to support Red Island Restoration


The Apparent Project is dedicated to helping parents rise out of extreme poverty in order to keep their children, responding to Haiti's orphan crisis and the needs of parentless children, and making the needs of Haiti apparent to potential helpers through media & the arts.

Musana's mission is to aid the development of vulnerable children and orphans into capable and skilled individuals.  We will do this by providing a secure home and school in a self-sustaining environment where the children are brought up in the unconditional love of God and inspired to pursue a future that will add value to their communities.

Started in 2007, Sak Saum is a ministry that offers rescue, rehabilitation and restoration to vulnerable and exploited women who have experienced firsthand the devastation of trafficking. Their desire is to help the abused, the underprivileged, the desperate -- those unseen by the majority of humanity but worthy of being deeply loved. A ministry of In His Steps International (, Sak Saum addresses the issues of human trafficking and exploitation in holistic, practical and compassionate ways.


The Story Company seeks to provide fashionable, fair trade products to our customers which create sustainable change for our designers globally.
Eliminating the divide between our artisans and our customers by sharing each artisan's story and by encouraging our customers to make informed choices about each product they buy.