Events to Help You Get-to-Know Your Neighbors

Simple Steps for Summer


Think about how to continue to invest in your neighbors. Maybe you will want to choose a set day for the school year (the last Sunday afternoon of the month? The first Saturday morning of the month?), or maybe you will just want to plan a few events interspersed throughout the year. Some of our ideas include:
• Back to school pizza party (Get people to RSVP and pick up Little Ceasar’s $5 pizzas for the event. Have everyone else bring a side or dessert to share.)
• Monthly soup night (everyone brings a pot of soup to share and you provide the bowls and bread).
• Pumpkin Carving party (You provide the space and tablecloths, and everyone brings their knives and pumpkins.)
• Start a “You got Boo’d Chain” in October. Create a little ghost out of white paper, and put it on your neighbor’s door with a little note. Encourage them to pass it on.
• Christmas cookie decorating (Everyone brings a dozen sugar cookies ready to decorate and you provide the frosting and toppings.)
• Create your own Valentine’s Party (Everyone brings a few supplies to share and you provide the space and glue. Or, you can find a fun pattern and assign each person to bring one necessary item.)
• Pass out carnations on May Day or Mother’s Day.
• Host a family game night. Or make it just the adults after the kids are in bed.