Simple Steps for Summer

Events to Help You Get-to-Know Your Neighbors

June, July, and August 2013

YAY! We're so excited you'll be

embarking on this adventure with us!

Preparation for your events: 


1. Pray about your involvement. Talk to your spouse. Make sure your whole family is on board with the plan, and then choose your dates for the events.

2. Email with the dates and exact location of your three events. (Examples: In front of our house at 2852 Baneberry Court. At Plum Valley Park picnic shelter. Our backyard—2852 Baneberry Court.) We will publish a common calendar of dates that we will share with all the Simple Steps for Summer participants so that we can encourage and pray for one another. 

3.  Megan will email you flyers for your three events and reserve the movie screen for your movie party. Print and pass each flyer out 2-3 weeks before your event is to take place. Choose a nice evening and walk around your neighborhood with your family, knocking on doors, inviting people and leaving your flyers.

4. Buy your supplies: June Event.  July Event.  August Event.

5. Enjoy your party! We hope you will get to know your neighbors. If you are up for it, we’d like to encourage you to have one more goal as well: Tell one person at each party about what you learned from or about God that week.

Here are some ideas about how that conversation might look:

Your friend asks you about your weekend. You respond with, “It was great! We played at the park, had dinner with friends, and then went to church on Sunday. Our pastor talked about loving people. It’s made me think a lot about how I treat people in my daily life. What are your thoughts on that?” 

Your neighbor asks about how you’ve been. You respond with, “It’s been a rough week! God is teaching me, though, to trust in him even when life is crazy and hard.”​

6. Did you enjoy the summer getting to know your neighbors? Click HERE for more ideas to continue the relationships throughout the year.