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Content in Your Call?

January 14, 2014

At church tonight, a family who has been called back into full-time missionary work shared about their latest trip to explore where God is calling them. It was thrilling to hear all the events God has woven together to meet their needs and reassure them of His call.


The whole time they were speaking, I really had to fight feelings of envy: hearing the amazing call on their life, seeing the steps of faith they are taking, and the way they are living it out. I kept thinking, ”God call US! We will follow! I want to live a crazy life for you, I want a chance to show you I will give it all up for you God!”


I know I am all messed up, full of envy, discontentment, and pride. But the good news is I realized it, and spent most of the service praying I would REALLY want what God has for me. That I would want a life in suburbia, and I would want to serve Him in the ways He has called me (which are different from the ways they have called them).


I read a great devotion this past week, and after tonight I went back and reread it:


Streams In The Desert by Mrs Charles E. Cowman

January 7: Contentment

(Here is a part of it- I recommend you go read the rest)


“Others may do a greater work,But you have your part to do;And no one in all God’s heritageCan do it so well as you.”


Wow! That really hit home for me this week.So, what is you call? Are you content in it? Are you living it out 100%?



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