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I have to admit that reading the bible every day is a chore for me. I know it’s what I should do as a Christian, but it is hard for me. I do well for a while, then fall off the proverbial wagon.

Today, in order to instill good habits into my children, I sat down with my son and continued reading the book of Luke with him (which we started a few weeks ago and are just on chapter 4!!).

For us Christians, we think – I know that book like the back of my hand. But wisdom was gleaned today. In other words, I was taught a great lesson by the almighty. In Luke 4:2 (NLT) it says “Jesus was full of the holy spirit where the Devil tempted him for 40 days. He ate nothing and was very hungry.” Verse 3 says “THEN (emphasis mine) the devil said to him…. “.

What do you mean then, God? Like, he went 40 days with no food and THEN the devil asked him hard questions? I can’t even go a whole day without food before I get cranky. Can you imagine 40 days? You would be soooo hungry. And he had to endure all the tempting by the devil to THEN be tempted more. And I think I have it hard.

Does the devil have you in a weak spot? He does me. What did Jesus do? He spoke God’s word back at the Devil. That is what we need to do and why it is important to read the bible daily.

Thank you Lord for teaching me something new from a story I thought I had heard 1000 times!!There is a little more though as well.

In Verse 13 it says “When the Devil had finished tempting Jesus he left him until THE NEXT OPPORTUNITY CAME (again, emphasis mine). The Devil didn’t leave for good. He didn’t leave JESUS for good so why would he leave you and I for good?

Friend, Jesus endured so we don’t have to. Give the Devil God’s word and be happy you have what you have. I need to do that, do you?

-Sharon C.

Guest Blogger

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