Are You Ready For Some Football? Traffickers Are.

Unfortunately, anytime hundreds of thousands of people come together for an event like the Super Bowl, there will be a demand for sex. And the traffickers are more than happy to bring the supply.

The sex trafficking industry generates a profit of 27 billion dollars each year, and the Super Bowl provides ample opportunity for pimps to get their hands on a chunk of that money. These girls, who are as young as 12, are brought from other parts of the US and made to work this event. It is hard to get solid statistics about these girls because so much of the business is underground and intertwined with the illegal drug industry, and most of the advertising is done online. However, according to the FBI, 17,500 people are trafficked each year in the US.Many of the victims come from a background of abuse, many grew up in foster care, and most ran away from home. Many of the girls are looking for someone to protect, love, and provide for them, and the traffickers are happy to assume this role. They usually choose young, vulnerable girls and offer to take care of them as a boyfriend or even as a father figure. The girls, often looking for love, can easily fall into the trap of the pimp. And, with time, he will begin to control her through beatings and threats, eventually forcing her to have sex with other men. At this point, the pimp has done his job and has another successful money maker.

These girls are God’s children. We need to be aware of this problem and fight for them. All of us can pray for an end to this evil. We can take a moment and picture the horror of one of our own daughters/sisters/friends being forced into sex, then realize that is happening to someone’s daughter, sister, or friend at this very minute. In addition, we can educate ourselves about the issue and support organizations who are already fighting to save these victims.And now that we know, we simply cannot pretend it’s not happening. Not only is it happening right now as you read this, but it will be happening next Sunday in New Jersey.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men to do nothing”


Organizations 31:20 likes:

Free the Girls-

The Justice Project-

Fight Trafficking- fight

Joy International-

Sources:US Federal Bureau of Investigation, “Stories”

Initiative Against Sexual Trafficking

End Human Trafficking Now

Save Her


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