Almost 500 and Counting…..

It has been such a joy to help collect bras for Free The Girls! What started as a last minute thought during the Christmas market place has continued to grow and bring me joy. A few weeks before the sale this year, we thought: “Why not have it be a Free The Girls collection site?” So we put out a basket and few of the ladies took up the call to action, going around their neighborhood collecting. By the end of the weekend we had 300+ bras.

I love what Free the Girls is all about! If you don’t know much about them, go to their website and watch the great documentary: . The inspiring story is about how an idea grew and has now touched many people around the world.

For me, the best part has been seeing how it is affecting and bringing together ladies in our community; from a group of young moms at MOPS, to a retired grandmother who had all of her friends bring their old bras to her Christmas party, to one lady who brought us 130 bras!!! She had moved across country multiple times, keeping them all for years, and not knowing what to do with them since they no longer fit her mommy body (we all know how hard it is to find a new bra that carries the girls in just the right way.) Another lady, in her hurry and haste, grabbed the new bras she had just bought to replace the ones she was planning on giving to Free The Girls. She dropped them into a big box full of 200 others. It was like a scavenger hunt trying to find the new bras to give back to her!

We will continue to collect bras, ladies, so ask your friends and neighbors, co-workers, and small groups, and let’s help Free The Girls!



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