Book Club!

Note to reader each time you see the words BOOK CLUB it should be read with a booming echo-y voice with a background of symphonic music. Give it the proper respect, don’t just read it "book club" as if it were a normal word.

Can you feel it? Can you feel it in the air? It’s getting close! The time is almost here! That’s right, BOOK CLUB is approaching! Oh! I feel the excitement building; like when I was a kid waiting out the last few weeks of school before summer vacation. Yes, I love BOOK CLUB! But let me tell you why: Picture for yourself a perfect summer day. The temperature is warm, but not too hot, especially considering we are sitting under a big shady tree. The moms are relaxing on a big blanket, engaged in conversation, deep conversation, and the kids are all playing. Yes, there are a lot of them! There always seems to be. But, they are all busy. There are groups of big boys playing football, little guys catching snakes and crawdads, one of the big girls seems to be conducting an impromptu summer camp occupying the little girls, while another who wants to be a big sister plays with someone's baby. It is sort of like a Norman Rockwell painting... sort of. Don’t let my rose colored glasses for BOOK CLUB mislead you- there are meltdowns, time outs, hurt feelings, and yelling (mostly all from my kids).

We come, us moms, like we plan to stay, and we do. Lugging blankets and 5 gallon coolers of water, fishing poles, sunshades, sand toys, and food. Some moms bring a normal amount, but me, I pack enough for a small army. Because as long as I keep them fed, they are happy, and I can stay in my summer dreamland.

And the books. OH! The books! I LOVE TO READ! Some day when my kids are all big and I no longer have to spend hours and hours teaching silent E words, checking algebra homework, and reminding 10 year old boy that, "Yes, people do have to be able to read your hand writing!" When my years of homeschooling the precious little darlings (read with a very sarcastic tone) come to an end, I am going to do a jig, and then I am going to read a book every-single-day.

So much has grown out of BOOK CLUB. Friendships have blossomed, ideas about living simpler, giving, and doing more for God's Kingdom are discussed, and we talk about what that looks like living here in Suburbia. We laugh, vent, and listen, we talk and connect, and we are present in each others lives. And once there was a birth! Yes, 31:20 was born at BOOK CLUB!

I could go on and on all nostaligic, trying to convey how great BOOK CLUB is, when what I really want to say is: come on by, check it out, and you might fall in love with it like I have.

BOOK CLUB: Thursdays at 10 am

Date Park Book

May 22nd & May 29th Redstone Park- 3280 Redstone Park Cir. The Birth Order Book

Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 By Dr. Kevin Leman

June 5th & June 12th Sterne Park- 5800 S Spotswood Street God in a Brothel by Walker Or Littleton CO, 80120 Hospital by the River by Hamlin

June 19th & June 26th Writers Vista Park-1900 W Mineral Avenue No Greater Love -

Littleton CO, 80120 By Mother Teresa

July 3rd & July 10th Belleview Park-5001 S Inca Dr, The Excellent Wife

Englewood, 80120 (far west end of stream) By Martha Peace

July 17th & July 24th Cornerstone Park-5150 Windermere Street Undaunted

Englewood CO, 80120 By Christine Caine

July 31st Westlands Park- 5701 S. Quebec St. Let Me Be a Woman

Greenwood Village, CO 80111 By Elisabeth Ellliot


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