The Clothing Auction is Coming!

When 31:20 began, we spent time dialoguing with our friends about how we could live out our mission. 31:20's mission is to "connect people with an opportunity to use their God-given gifts to help others locally and globally." One of our friends, Monika, shared a fundraising idea with us and we loved it! When Monika lived in another state she participated in a clothing auction to benefit a charity called In Jesus' Name. She explained to us how the clothing auction works:

Get friends and neighbors to gather all their unwanted, but nice, clothes, bags, jewelry and accessories. On a designated evening, bring them to one house and display them. Let everyone take some time shopping through the others' donated items and pick up what they would like to keep. Afterwards have all the guests sit down and take turns showing each other what they found...this is when the fun begins...

Let's say Monika picks up an adorable top that I overlooked while shopping, but now that I see it, I want it. I say, "I'll buy it for $10.00", but since Monika is a determined woman she says she'll pay $15.00. I am also a determined woman so I say "I'll pay $20.00!" We go back and forth until one of us gives up. Depending on the item and the stubbornness of the particular lady who is bidding, the whole process can be fairly entertaining. However, if someone is lucky enough to grab an item no one else wants they only have to pay $1.00 for it. In the end all the money is donated to a charity and everyone walks away with some great deals!

Last year, we met at my house and raised $600 in a few hours for a maternity center in Madagascar. I suspect some of the success was due to my husband who said he'd rather stay upstairs. Apparently, he couldn't resist joining us, and before we knew it he had made himself comfortable on the couch between my friends. Since he is in the car business, and goes to auctions frequently to purchase cars for the dealership, he was in his element. He stirred us up and probably made us all pay more than we would have if he'd stayed upstairs. This year we won't be meeting at my house and, I know for a fact, that the host's husband is not in car sales, so no need to worry about him driving up prices.

This year we are putting a small twist on how we choose where the money will be donated. We chose three non-profits that we are connected with and will have the women who come vote on the group they would like to support. Whichever non-profit gets the most votes will receive the money we raise that evening.

Here are the 3 and what they are about.....

Reese's Rainbow- an adoption grant foundation for orphans with Down Syndrome and other special needs.

Belay Enterprises- a faith-based nonprofit organization that creates businesses to employ and job train individuals rebuilding lives from addiction, homelessness and prison.

and LEAD Global- a leadership development organization geared towards the growth and empowerment of Godly leaders of character and influence in Africa.

So start pulling out clothes, purses, and accessories you don't like anymore and sell them to your friends on April 11th!

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