So I just returned from Florida. It was beautiful (sorry for those who were here during the snow storm!). I’m sure you all know it’s nice there. Maybe you go there often, or maybe not. Maybe you haven’t been there in a while. Let me tell you that the moment I stepped off the plane I could smell the humidity. As we drove to where we were staying, I was taken aback by the greenery, which was everywhere. It was lush.

Lush. I love that word. Lush. Think about it….. Lush. Florida was lush, friends. I was so struck by it everywhere we went. Trees in parking lots (imagine having a shaded parking spot!). Trees in playgrounds (not where I live). Trees lining both sides of he highway. So much so that you can’t see anything behind them. Wow! Such a stark contrast to here. Desert. I know I live in a desert. But I have trees in my neighborhood and I’ve been here 3 years, so I guess I’ve just gotten used to it. I don’t think about the fact that things are green mostly because of our sprinklers.

So, it got me thinking. We should be lush in our Christianity. We should be that stark contrast to the world. A stark contrast to the darkness. We should be so different that people see our contrast. Mark 5:16 says “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven”.

Now I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m not always a “light”. And saying “if I wasn’t a Christian, I would have laid into that person” probably doesn’t put a checkmark in the lushness category for me….yikes! So I need to work on this as much as the next person. But let’s all work on it together. Let’s be lush in our walk with Jesus and lush in our Christianity so when people see us, we don’t need to tell them we are different, they will know it and want it.

Be blessed,


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