The Flip Flop Shop

In March, my husband and I were allowed to meet the 4 year old girl we are adopting from Haiti. I knew the nannies at her orphanage were always in need of comfortable, warm weather shoes so I went to The Flip Flop Shop in the mall to buy a few pairs to donate. While shopping, I struck up a conversation with one of the employees. She asked why I was buying flip flops, especially considering it was freezing and snowy outside.

I told her about our daughter and the nannies who work for many days without a break in worn out shoes. Within days I received an email from the owner, offering a deal on their clearance shoes. I went back the day before we were scheduled to travel and was shocked to see a large box and bags full of shoes and flip flops set aside for me. I paid a small amount for the piles of shoes and left the mall smiling from ear to ear.

It was quite a feat to squeeze all the shoes in our luggage, and I know we paid for the shoes a few times over in luggage fees on Spirit Airlines and in customs in Haiti. Either way, we were able to thrill the nannies and the staff with some new shoes. Thank you Flip Flop Shop!


#haiti #sandals #adoption

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