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I started reading a book this week by Mother Theresa called No Greater Love. Not only is it profound, but it is one of those life changing books that I find my self underlining and starring almost every line. I want to read it slow and digest and process it, but then I find myself racing through it so I can see what she says next.

When I got to page 25, I stopped. It shook me, like one of those thrashings in old books that naughty boys got where they were shook until their teeth knocked and they could not see. It shook me like that.

Here's what it said:

I will never forget one day in Venezuela when I went to visit a family who had given us a lamb. I went to thank them and there I found out that they had a badly crippled child. I ask the mother, "What is the child's name?“ The mother gave me the most beautiful answer. "We call him 'Teacher of Love' because he keeps on teaching us how to love. Every thing we do for him is our love for God in action."

Do you have a 'Teacher or Love' or 'Teacher or Patiences' in your life? You probably don't call him or her that, and I know most of the time I am not thinking of it that way. But everything we do for that child (or husband, neighbor, coworker) is our love for God in action.

Oh, go read the book it will change you! It will inspire you! It will call you to be and do more for Him.


#motherteresa #love #action

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