Just Feed One

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, just feed one.” –Mother Teresa

Do you remember this quote LL shared with us a few months ago? I have been thinking a lot about it lately.

Have you ever benefitted from someone bringing you meals during a time of need? After our third child was born, I had different people bring me a meal every other night for over a month. It was incredibly amazing. In the midst of the sleeplessness and chaos a new baby brings, the simple act of someone showing up at my door to provide my family with dinner was such a blessing.

Since that time, I have purposed to always say “Yes!” to people needing a meal. Often, when I get an invitation to bring someone a meal, it’s not really a very good time. Life happens every day. Every day my kids and I have school, activities, commitments and appointments. Even in spite of this, though, I have realized that my typical days are most likely easier than the days facing those with sick children, husbands in the hospital, a new baby in the house, or surgery. I really have no excuse to not take time in my day to serve someone in this way—even if I have never met this person!

Really, I’ve come to realize, it’s not that hard if you plan ahead. When I cook, I double or triple my recipes. I put things in the freezer so that when a friend (or stranger) needs a meal, I can easily pull something together.

Here are my favorite recipes: http://megansrecipes.wordpress.com/2014/05/27/feed-just-one/

Here are few other lists:




Put some things in the freezer! It will bless others.

We are going to have freezer meal preparation night we are calling Just Feed One on July 28th at 6:30pm. Would you like to join us? We’ll put together freezer meals, donate them to Impact Orphans, and they will be given to foster and adoptive families that are in crisis. If you can’t join us that night, you can donate money to this project, shop for groceries that week before, and pray for the families that will be getting these meals. There are needs in our community, and this is an easy way to take part in Feeding Just One.

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