May Your Life Be As Awesome As You Pretend It Is On Facebook

"May your life someday be as awesome as you pretend it is on Facebook".


A Facebook photo of a trip to Paris with my husband

How many people feel isolated and inferior because of the way their friends or celebrities portray their lives through social media? As if we humans don't have enough of a problem with comparison, now it is not only politicians and movie stars who feel compelled to control their public images, everyone has the opportunity to display a certain persona to the on-line world. No one is taking pictures of themselves picking up the dog poop in the backyard or fighting with their spouse. No one wants those pieces of their lives to be seen. But those pieces are just as much a part of our lives as the vacations and happy moments. While I am not for "casting your pearls before swine," I am a proponent of honesty and vulnerability. To me, vulnerability shows strength. It takes courage to admit failures and insecurities. I believe many people are turned off by Christianity because we do not readily admit our struggles. I imagine that the words "fake" and "hypocritical" are most often associated with Christians. Unbelievers know we are a mess, they see how we drive, how we speak to our children, how we tip and how we treat grocery store clerks. We are just as broken as anyone else. Sadly, we as believers are not only shutting out unbelievers with our false selves we are shutting out each other. It is sad to think that many people within the Church struggle through life alone because they are scared to admit to other Christians that they have difficulties or faults. It's as if Satan has direct access to us when we have separated ourselves from honest and transparent relationships. He has divided and conquered too many of God's children by using fear, fear of being thought of as weak or a failure. My closest relationships are based on honesty and vulnerability. I am blessed to have amazing friends and family with whom I can be myself, warts and all. But I know too many people do not have these types of friends, so I will be honest and vulnerable with you and maybe you won't feel so alone during your non-Facebook moments.

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Where should I start? The list is long, but I'll try to keep it to; entertaining faults or those you might identify with.... -I am so attention deficit -I don't make my bed -I forgot to pick up my son from school.....until they called me -I dressed my preschooler up as a letter of the alphabet for "letter" day... on the wrong day -I have shouted, "stop shouting!!!" at my kids, more than once -The workers at Chick Fil-a could probably order for me because we eat there so often -Instead of getting up early to spend time with God, I sleep in and let my little one watchPhineas and Ferb so he'll be quiet -I struggle with depression -I have SO many gray hairs! (You won't be seeing them though) -I wear noise canceling headphones sometimes so I can function in my home with all the noise -For the life of me, I can not exercise regularly -I feel overwhelmed nearly every day -I can't decide which is worse, the aspartame in Coke Zero or the calories and corn syrup in regular Coke. So I mix them together...ask the Chick Fil-a employees, they've witnessed the craziness -I am math-phobic. I panic when trying to figure out a tip at a restaurant and if there is someone

watching me...forget it, there is no math happening in my brain

-I cannot sit down and eat in my kitchen if there are any cabinet doors open, I have to get up

and close them

Here's to loving Jesus and still being a hot mess!

P.S.- I believe that as followers of Jesus we have been saved by grace and have the Holy Spirit within us to guide and change us from the inside out. We should look and act different than the world. But as God is healing and shaping us let's be honest about our faults and issues.

This quote by Joyce Meyer sums up my journey of sanctification. "I am not who I want to be but thank God I am not who I used to be!"

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