HIS Wholeness and Perfection

Most days, I find myself stressing over the house being picked up, wondering if some kids will ever learn to read, and trying to fit in a run. On good days, I am focused on what is really important to their little souls. I make time to do something individual with each child: paint a girl's nails, practice state capitals with the boy who wants to learn them for fun, try to beat the man-child (that is the new name for the boy who has recently grown taller than me) in a push up contest. On really good mothering days, I look them in the eye and I really listen to every word they say, and that's a lot of words, trust me. Unfortunately, really good mothering days don't just happen, they take work, diligence, and for me, constant prayer (from the time my feet hit the ground in the morning.) I pray I will love them as their creator does, and that I will truly believe each one was made in the image of God; that each one was perfectly created (not just the ones who seem perfect in man's eyes.)

Sometimes, it takes a story from a book. In Freefall To Fly, by Rebekah Lyons, she is talking about her son with Downs syndrome (pg.9). She says, "I told a friend one day we were praying for Cade to be 'whole.' She responded, 'Maybe your version of wholeness and God's version of wholeness look different.'"

Sometimes, when I walk into Children's Hospital, not the bright, colorful, passing out balloons part, but the back part where no one wants to go to, and I understand. The back part: where everyone wears face masks and parents look each other in the eye with a knowing weariness. When I take a trip back to that part, I'm reminded really quickly what matters. Them. Everything you thought was a defect suddenly doesn't matter, if you can just have .... them. Them for a lot more years. Them to love. Them to hold. Them to show through feeble human efforts who our God is. Them to see grow in faith.

Sometime it takes one of those quotes or one of those scary days to remind you-

Don’t miss out on a blessing, just because it is not packaged the way you expect!


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