No Condemnation

There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. Romans 8:1

I learned the meaning of this yesterday. And no, I did NOT do this (as I don’t know that I show it that well to my family) and no I didn’t have it done to me precisely. My son’s 7th grade teacher showed it to him and told it in words that rang clear as a bell.

“Are you kidding? I love your boy. We just talked about how this might have gone differently if he had come to you and dad yesterday, humbly, to confess what he did…. He is a good kid.”

Those are the words that were written in an email to me about my son who got caught cheating on an exam and AFTER I apologized to her for her having to “deal” with the situation (embarrassed I was of course). I wouldn’t have written them, nor thought them, nor shown him that. My thought was “What?”. Then it was “I wish I could have thought of that”.

I have been a Christian now for a long time. I have also now been a mom for a long time. Neither of which I am doing a great job of at the moment. Of course, that is why I am in counseling!! But God is faithful. He is always out there having others show us his grace and his love and HIS lack of condemnation. What a powerful picture and example of how to do both. I would love to tell you that this came from public school, but it didn’t. We pay a lot of money for him to go to this school and God has been so faithful in our decision.

There is obviously so much more that could go into this, but I wanted to keep this short. And the short of it is that I decided to give him no condemnation either. I came home and asked him how his day was and hinted at how his science exam was. He knows what he did wrong and we left it at that. What I really wanted to do was be mad at him. But as I’m learning in my counseling (and that Jesus tell us throughout scripture), there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus and if I am to show my son Christ Jesus, I too need to have no condemnation – I can have sorrow for his choices, but not condemnation in who he is!! Thank you Jesus for this powerful lesson.

Sharon Carton

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