What is a life worth? What would you give for your child's life? I bet there isn’t a limit. You would give all you have, even yourself. I know I would. I see these parents at Childrens hospital, I pass them in the halls and I know they would give anything-everything-to have their child well. I hear parents talk about the trauma of a night in the emergency room and I try to understand how hard it must have been. And when they express the joy of taking a well, healthy child home, I say: ”Yeah, I can imagine!” I, too, would love to take a healthy child home. But I don’t. When I leave the hospital, it is just until next time.

And here is the thing....... I chose this. My husband and I felt a calling on our lives to adopt children with special needs. I thought I was ready, that I was strong enough for it.

BUT NOTHING can prepare you for the hurt of hearing your child made fun of because of their deformities and disabilities. How is it that our human eyes can spot differences so young? Why can’t we see through the eyes of Christ and love as He does? Yet, even as a mother of special needs children, I still struggle with focusing on outward appearance. As I prepared for the party were my child was excluded because of their physical appearance, all I could think of was my outward appearance: my home, my yard, the food I would serve, what my family would wear. I wanted to give the impression to my guests, who were old friends who I don't see often, that I have it all together. A few times during the week as I prepared, sanity did grab a hold of me and I would pray, “Lord, make me focused on You” or “Please, let me shine your light and hope.” I don’t think I did that tonight during the party.

Regardless of my failure, I do know he has made His light shine bright to me in the depths of my sadness and hurt, and I know, without a doubt, how precious every life is. I would work and strive and fight all over again just to get my special children home, let alone for their medical needs and an attempt at a “normal” life.

If so many of us feel this way, what makes people unwilling to fight for an unborn child with special needs? I read in a book this week that 93% of babies diagnosed with down syndrome are aborted in America. Why don’t we fight for them like we do our own children? When we see videos posted of Planned Parenthood executives discussing abortions and selling baby body parts, why don’t we have the same instinct to protect them?

Let's fight for them as we would fight for our own childrens lives.


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