Are you ready?

Are you Restless? Feeling Stuck? Longing to be Interrupted or live Radical? Are you missing a Crazy Love? Yes, these are all titles of recent best-selling books, and yes, I have read them all. In fact, I am sure many of you reading this blog have read one or more of them. Why is that? Are we really all restless? Looking for our place in this crazy world? I know I have my days when I feel a longing for God’s Kingdom to be here on earth, but I just don’t know how my broken messy life fits into the picture. I do know that I want MORE of Him and less of this world, but there are those days when the comfort of this world (or my couch) sneaks up and surpasses my longing for His world.

When my family moved back to the Denver area 10 years ago, we bought a house in the ‘burbs…on a cul-de-sac, can you get more “American Dream” than a cul-de-sac? We LOVE our neighbors and where we are, but as the years went by, my husband and I still longed for something more, but we weren’t quite sure what to make of this restlessness in us. We soon discovered that it was God drawing us to Him, to make a difference for Him, not just to seek our comfort. It was certainly a process, but as we sought God, we found ways to serve His people, ways to use the gifts He has given us to bring a little bit of His Kingdom to this broken world. There are days when we just want to lounge, or days when the brokenness of the world seems like too big of a weight to bear, but thankfully, we have a community of like-minded families who spur us on to “love and good deeds”.

31:20 would like to invite you to an evening of wrestling with where you are right now in your journey with Christ. Is he calling you to give up a little comfort to see more of Him? Maybe He is calling you to build a school in a foreign country or maybe He is just calling you to reach out to a neighbor, take a meal to someone who is sick, or listen to someone who is hurting. OR maybe He is calling you to just sit at His feet and dwell in Him. If you are stuck in a place of wanting more, but lack the community to spur you on, please join 31:20 on 9/14 for a night of “Appetizers and Ideas”. We plan to make this a seasonal event to encourage one another and also involve our entire group in our project planning.

If you are READY to seek MORE please join us on Spetember 14th from 7-9 for our first “Appetizers and Ideas”, we will have a speaker to encourage us and we will spend some time in prayer and response to where God is leading us. We can’t wait to see God grow this community and to hear how and where God is leading you!


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