Pretty Things

Pretty things and orphan care. Those are two of the things that best describe my passions.

However, most of my days are actually filled with less fun activities like shopping, transporting, prepping, cooking and serving 3 meals/day, times ten people, times 7 days a week, times 4 weeks a month. Yep, that is almost 900 plates of food a month! And each one is either gobbled up in 2 minutes flat by my teens or stared and poked at by the little kids. Feeding my family is not one of my favorite activities yet I spend a good portion of my life doing it. And everytime I complete one meal, I have to start again in just a few hours. Most days feeding my family feels like I am on a hamster wheel.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am SOOO THANKFUL that I can feed my family! My heart breaks for those mommas who have to put hungry kids to bed at night and know that tomorrow there will not be any food either. I AM SO VERY THANKFUL that I can feed my kids all of those meals. But the actual activity of doing it doesn’t fill me up, it doesn’t fill my soul.

What does fill my soul is planning a garage sale to fundraise for an adoption, helping kids run a Lemon-aid stand for clean water, and picking the necklaces that we will sell at the Shop Once, Give Twice Marketplace. And pretty things. Oh, how I love to re-paint a bathroom and rummage through the thrift shops for the perfect new accessories or make new hair bows that are almost as big as my girls' heads.

And now, 31:20 has planned a FUN night where my two favorite things are combined!

We are going to make super cute door signs out of pallets! I love pallets and old rusty things as much as I love the show Fixer Upper.

31:20 will provide all the supplies and ideas. Don't worry, you creative ladies can go your own way if you want. We are asking for a $30 donation that will go directly to an amazing ministry. We will also have food, an inspiring speaker, and great fellowship. Let us know you're coming to guarantee your spot! We will collect payment the night of the event.

Crafty for a Cause will be Friday, April 29th at 6:30pm at my house in Highlands Ranch.

Let us know if you can come! RSVP here:


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