Perseverance in spite of what you see (via Harry Potter none the less)!!

In most things we do there is a battle. It may be on the inside (our waring thoughts) or it may be on the outside (the verbal fights we get into with others). Somewhere in there is God's purpose for what is happening. In my day to day life it can be a struggle to find that purpose in what is happening. The kids, the spouse, myself - it can all be a battle to keep it together. Then God shows up and it is all worth it. I know, reading this I 's hear you saying either "me too" or "that sounds good, but really". But God showed up unexpectantly in a Harry Potter movie that I was watching with my son. It was the very last one 'Deathly Hallows Part 2". I have to set the scene of what has been happening with my son - he lost every privilege known to a 14 year old because of bad decisions (getting suspended from school happened too - I'm sure God will let us know at some time the purpose of that!!). The only thing left was to read. So he picked up Harry Potter and couldn't get enough (I was just happy he was reading). He read them all in a matter of months. I go away for a weekend and the movies are all on TV - great for him and Dad!! But he didn't get to watch the very last one (I do not even want to do the calculation of how many hours of TV that was, but that's ok). I get home and he asked me to watch it. Everything within me was screaming "NO" and every reason was then in my head to support that. But looking at my son that I hadn't spent much time with recently, my heart said "yes". So we found it on VuDu and I even paid $2.99. We had the next 30 hours to watch it (sunday night through Monday). So we watched it Sunday night (a school night), Monday morning before school, and Monday after school (Don't judge, just roll with me). The movie was basically about saving Hogsworth School (where all the wizards go to school) from this EVIL person. People had to work together, the odds seemed insurmountable - the amount of people and EVIL looking beings in the side of EVIL were overwhelming.....BUT.....Harry continued to do what he felt was his calling and with all this chaos going on, not knowing how he was going to accomplish it, Harry pressed on. People showed up to help him that he thought wasn't possible, things happened that seemed miraculous, and when all seemed lost, there was that thought that made Harry continue. Buildings are crashing, people are dying , and yet others are moving and helping Harry until finally the evil person thinks he has won, but in reality, Harry (and therefore good) wins. It was really quite exhiliarating. I was so excited I mean, how many times in the bible (both new and old) do we see this? Gideon defeated the Midiantes in the book of Judges with about 1/10th of the people he originally had; In 2 Kings, Elisha stopped the Arameans from attacking the Israelites even as they were “surrounded” and things seemed doomed; David defeated the giant when the army was “frozen in fear”; Mary was asked to be the Mother of Jesus when she was unwed (talk about a battle); the disciples were asked to feed the thousands (more than once I might add); It was a great teaching moment that even though things seem impossible, when on the right path (of God), you just keep doing the right thing and the miracle can happen. So keep going my friend – see the good in what you can and apply the Godly principle of perseverance in spite of what you see.


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